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Section Head - Critical Care Dr. Bojan Paunovic, Dr. Allan Garland
Postgraduate Program Director - Critical Care Dr. Marcus Blouw
Program Secretary - Critical Care Sarah Bernaldo
Program Administrator - Critical Care Holly Thibert

The Section of Critical Care runs the Critical Care Subspecialty Education Program. The section has 9 GFT and 8 non-GFT physicians and 1 PhD researchers.

The Section of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Manitoba is a busy enterprise, both clinically and academically.

The Section originated as part of the Department of Internal Medicine, and remains so today, though the more than 40 intensivists on our faculty come from a variety of Departments including Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Surgery.

We provide critical services for adults in Manitoba, northwestern Ontario, and Nunavut. Because of the distances, critical care transport, including specially equipped aircraft, is integral to our clinical work.

We have Intensive Care Units in two academic/tertiary hospitals (Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital) and four ICUs in four community hospitals (Concordia Hospital, Grace Hospital, Seven Oaks General Hospital

and the Victoria General Hospital)

. There are separate Medical and Surgical/Trauma ICUs at Health Sciences Centre; St. Boniface Hospital has a mixed Medical-Surgical ICU and a Cardiovascular Surgery ICU. Intensive Care Units within the city possess advanced support capability including invasive mechanical ventilation, continuous renal replacement therapy and Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). Approximately 5000 patients are admitted to our ICUs annually.

Our faculty also provide Critical Care education for medical students, residents and fellows.

We also perform a variety of ICU-related research, that includes both clinical and basic research.

Section Members

Full Name Last Name Rank ApptType Phone(s)
Dr. Adrian Robertson Robertson Assistant Professor Clinical Contract & NIL
Dr. Allan Garland Garland Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-1198 (office)
Dr. Anand Kumar Kumar Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-896-3367 (fax)
  • 204-787-3112 (office)
  • 204-787-1485 (office)
Dr. Bertram Unger Unger Assistant Professor GFT
Dr. Bojan Paunovic Paunovic Assistant Professor GFT
Dr. Dan Roberts Roberts Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-7029 (office)
Dr. Duane Funk Funk Associate Professor NIL
  • 204-787-3796 (office)
Dr. Eric Jacobsohn Jacobsohn Professor NIL
  • 204-787-1125 (office)
Dr. Faisal Siddiqui Siddiqui Assistant Professor NIL
  • 204-787-2261 (office)
Dr. Heather Smith Smith Assistant Professor Clinical Contract & NIL
Dr. Kendiss Olafson Olafson Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-3735 (office)
Dr. Lawrence Homik Homik Lecturer NIL
  • 204-957-3231 (office)
Dr. Leigh Anne Shafer Shafer Assistant Professor UMFA
  • 204-787-3935 (mobile)
  • 204-787-3935 (office)
Dr. Marcus Blouw Blouw Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-787-2420 (fax)
  • 204-787-2977 (office)
Dr. Mustafa Selaman Selaman Lecturer Clinical Contract & NIL
Dr. Owen Mooney Mooney Assistant Professor GFT
Dr. Stephen Kowalski Kowalski Professor NIL
Dr. Thomas Jacob Jacob Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-3735 (office)
Holly Thibert Thibert
  • 204-787-8632 (fax)
  • 204-787-8623 (office)
Kim Armitt Armitt
  • 204-787-1406 (fax)
  • 204-787-2254 (office)
Sarah Bernaldo Bernaldo
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-1634 (office)

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