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Interro-01.gif I split this out from Procurement at U of M since I would never have thought of searching for it there; it will be linked from there. However, what else should this be linked in with? Is it part of category:recruitment? I don't understand the process well enough, or where in the process this happens. Should it be part of one of the hiring checklists?


  1. Click on Home
  2. log into EPIC
Interro-01.gif I assume you do, right, as a starting point for this?
  1. Under "My Documents" select a former ad
  2. Select Copy
  3. Rename the ad
  4. Select date you need approval by (Managing Director approves in EPIC)
  5. Scroll down to line items
  6. Select edit
  7. Rename the ad
  8. Type in the amount (you would have received an email from HR Adworks with the docket #'s)
  9. Make sure to enter currency (CDN, USD, etc.)
  10. Select ok
  11. Will bring you back to the copy you made, check to make sure $amount and currency are correct, select submit at the bottom right corner of the page
  12. If your docket includes A, B, C, etc., instead of selecting edit (after you have done this task already for A) select copy and repeat.
  13. Once ad approved you will receive an email with a PO, make a PDF of this and send it to Adworks.

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