Creating a new policy page

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Every policy associated with the department now has an article on this wiki. This allows linking to them from other pages such as Category:Committee articles. To make new policy articles consistent, start with the following and edit as relevant:

| PolicyNumber = <replace with actual and remove this, eg Sec 10 - 01 >
| TargetReviewDate = <replace with a date, eg 2017-12-31, usually a year after your edit>
| MainStakeholder = <replace this with ideally a role name, but at least a person name>
[[PolicyCommittee::<if there is a committee dealing with this policy and they have a page on this wiki, put the page name here>]]

<replace this with the actual policy >

== Related articles ==
{{Related Articles}}

Then replace all the <elements as instructed> in what you have pasted. Make any words that refer to articles on the wiki (even not-yet-existing articles) with links (see Links on the wiki for more info about links).