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  • There are times when a secretary is asked to set up a conference call using the section functional code for teleconference. Ask the PSM or program secretary for the code.

Steps for Booking for WRHA:

  1. Book your conference room. Make sure there is a working phone line in the room.
  2. Open Calendar in Outlook.
  3. Click on New Meeting.
  4. Click on To & type Conference Line - Internal Medicine in search bar.
  5. Click on Required & Ok.
  6. In the Subject line state your name and the name of your meeting.
  7. In Location type in the name of your booked conference room.
  8. In Start & End Times choose the date and time you need the conference line for
  9. In the body of the request, you can add additional information if you feel necessary
  10. Send request. It will go as a tentative booking into your Outlook calendar.
  11. If it is available, you will be provided with a leader PIN # to the meeting leader/organizer, and dial in number and conference code to all participants when sending the conference call invite.
  12. Inform PSM about the date, time of call and duration so PSM is aware when the invoice is received.
  • is this different for WRHA / U of M?

This process for conference call set up is for WRHA. I don't know about the U of M. User:Mdungca 15:29, 25 February 2019 (CST)

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