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Name: Community Engagement Subcommittee
Function: The Department of Internal Medicine Community Engagement Subcommittee exists as the members believe we must be invested, engaged and active in contributing back to our community.

The mission is to foster an atmosphere of engagement with our community, through active and passive involvement with charities and service organizations in our neighbourhood, city and province, by both faculty members and the staff of the department.


  1. To seek and review suggestions from members on engagement opportunities
  2. To provide advice and feedback to the Department Head regarding which organizations to contribute money and time
  3. Organize and lead the engagement activities
  4. To report on the various engagements
  5. Any other purpose as determined appropriate by the Department Head


The committee shall consist of:

  • Up to four GFT members who must sit on Executive Committee at the time of nomination.
  • Each GFT member is asked to commit to a one-year period, renewable at their discretion
  • The Managing Director, Department of Internal Medicine
  • One of the Department of Internal Medicine Managers
  • The Manager will sit for one year only
  • Membership may be increased at the committee’s discretion, as the committee may require specific expertise, or feel that wider input to the deliberation is necessary.
  • Expanded members are non-voting.


Committee Chair

The Chair of the subcommittee will be the Managing Director. Their office will also provide administrative support.

GFT Nomination Process

  1. The committee was formed in September 2018 by volunteers from the Executive Committee.
  2. Every September, existing members of the subcommittee will be asked if they wish to continue.
  3. Should any of the four spots become/be available, Executive Committee members will be asked to volunteer by sending an email note to the Managing Director.
  4. Any of the four available spots will be filled by a random draw of names.

The Department of Internal Medicine Manager will be selected by the Managing Director.


The Community Engagement Subcommittee meet a minimum of four times per year, or more as required or deemed advisable by the Chair.

The annual meeting schedule is set by the committee in September, to ensure maximum attendance.

Seeking Suggestions on Engagement Opportunities

The subcommittee will seek ideas from members at the committee’s discretion and as required.

Constraints on Engagement Opportunities

  • Must be in Winnipeg or Manitoba
  • Preference will be given to those engagements where department members and staff can be actively involved (e.g. time and service contributions, in addition to financial) and to those engagements where a long-lasting relationship can be built
  • The engagement must be relatable to one of the three academic pillars – Education, Clinical Service or Research.
  • No funding or contributions of money will be made to any national / international charitable foundations
  • Contributions to any Winnipeg hospital foundation or the University of Manitoba will be at the sole discretion of the Department Head – the subcommittee will be advisory only.
  • Strategic donations from a public relations perspective will be considered.


  • Each quarter, the subcommittee will present to the full Executive Committee activities and financial contributions
  • Annually each January, the subcommittee will provide a submission to the Department Annual Report
  • Annually the committee will report at Department Town Hall

Additional Responsibilities for the Chair

The budget for the subcommittee will be set annually, and tracking and reporting will be the responsibility of the Managing Director.

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