Carmina Stolz

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Contact Info (edit)
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Name: Carmina Stolz
Rank: N/A
Appointment Type:
Address: GC421-820 Sherbrook St. Wpg, MB R3A 1R9

Description Number
fax 204-787-4826
office 204-787-7293





Research Interest

Research Interest not filled out

Roles / Awards / Committees

Person holds the following roles:


List of publications on pubmed

Info Systems

InfoSystem AdditionalSetupInfo role
Payworks no special instructions UMG employee role
White Dwarf no special instructions Contract Administrator

File Shares

FileShare role FileSharePath
Contracts drive Contract Administrator \\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_ADMIN_CONTRACTS


OnboardingProcess role timeframe
Arrange for Payworks access UMG employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Child abuse registry check Every employee role Pre-hire
Creating a new person page Every employee role Pre-hire
Criminal record check Every employee role Pre-hire
Federal and Provincial Tax forms Every employee role Pre-hire
Fire plan Every employee role Post-arrival
Getting a new person started on the wiki Every employee role Post-arrival
How to update your information in the phone directory Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Information for new UMG Employees UMG employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Information required by UMG for new employees UMG employee role Pre-hire
New employee Onboarding email template Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Ordering Business Cards for UMG employees and GFTs UMG employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Vulnerable sector search Every employee role Pre-hire

Hidden roles

Person holds the following administrative and onboarding related roles that aren't relevant on the front tab:Every employee role, UMG employee role

adding more roles

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