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This article describes how to get phone and computer cabling set up at the U of M. See Cabling for Computers and Phones - WRHA for the WRHA counterpart.

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Interro-01.gif What is the U of M process for setting this up and paying for it?

Process-Using UMG to Purchase

Interro-01.gif How much of the following is applicable at U of M sites?

For HSC, once you receive the quote back, add a separate explanation as to how they will invoice UMG

Interro-01.gif what would this explanation be? Is this something we already have on the wiki, eg. How to send invoices to UMG (likely not)

and send it back to Maintenance Dispatch or fax it back to the number on the form.

Interro-01.gif how about SBH, Grace, what is the next step there? Would the local site contacts be able to fill this in?

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