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Policy: CaRMS Match
Policy Nr:
Target Review Date: 2019-01-18
Main Stakeholder: Managing Director

The Canadian Resident Matching Service CaRMS is a national, independent, not-for-profit, fee-for-service organization that provides a fair, objective and transparent application and matching service for medical training throughout Canada. It is organized by the Program Administrators, especially Program Administrator - Core (Training Schedules and CaRMS schedule) (see that page also for some process details).

Costs are paid by the Practice Plan.

With the exception of Cardiology, all Sections hold their interviews in Winnipeg.


The Department of Internal Medicine will pay, using practice plan funds, for reasonable costs associated with holding the CaRMS interviews:

  • Cardiology will have travel expenses to Toronto paid for by the practice plan.

No expenses for alcohol will be paid for or reimbursed.


The Department of Internal Medicine will pay, using practice plan funds, for reasonable costs associated with holding the CaRMS interviews. If the program interviewing the CaRMS applicant requires the applicant to travel to a second site on the day of interviews, the Program Administrator may provide the candidate with a taxi slip (see Taxi#Taxi slips). Use account number D120119 - Legacy account #'s are not valid in SAP


Reasonable expenses paid for by Postgraduate Program Directors will be reimbursed on submission to the Managing Director and/or Finance Manager.

HSC Catering may be used and charged to UMG funded internal order D120119. This is an approved expense for use of this account. If you use this account you must forward the order confirmation and interview schedule to the Finance Manager. Please ensure the Program is listed on the order. This can be sent by email or in hard copy.

As per the Terms of Reference of the Residency Education Fund, U of M REFs are not to be used for CaRMS Catering.

In certain situations, the department credit card can be used to prepay for expenses. Contact the Managing Director.

To submit receipts/invoices for reimbursement see Visitor Travel#Submitting Receipts.

How-to for Program Administrators

  1. Copy original receipts for your records
  2. Prepare a statement detailing:
    • Date of CaRMS interview
    • Name of the training program
    • List the person being reimbursed and that person's office address
    • List the number applicants, with a breakdown of locals and out of province.
  3. Provide all the statement and the original receipts to Managing Director

How to see how many applicants you have before File Review

  • Go to Rile Review Users
  • Look to the far right and look for 'View the number of applicants'

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