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This page explains how to arrange for and cancel parking for employees.

All employees, including GFTs arrange for their own parking and pay for their own parking. Exception to this rule is that all UMFA members are guaranteed parking in their Collective Agreement. UMFA members contact the U of M parking office directly to make arrangements.

To update License plate information or add additional vehicles (Carpool), use following form:

Parking at HSC

  • To arrange Parking at HSC, please visit HSC Parking Services Office
  • To cancel Parking at HSC requires 1.5 months in advance (remember to return transponder to Parking Services Office,

HSC Parking Services Office

    • 820 Sherbrook St, Room MS-118 (Orange Bison Level 1, next to the Welcome Centre desk) 204-787-2715
    • Hours are 0730 to 1700, Monday to Friday

Bicycle Parking at HSC

  • Arrangements are made with HSC Parking office 791 Notre Dame Ave. There is a cost to park bicycles in a locked facility on HSC Property. Lots include: Within the Emily Street Parkade.

Bicycle Parking at U of M

Arrangements are made with U of M Parking office to park bicycles:

To arrange for bicycle parking with the University, see link below for contact information:

Cancelling parking

Cancelling U of M parking:

Cancelling WHRA parking:

  • return parking transponder to Parking Services in Room AD1 (old PARIM Office)

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